Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Popping in:

TO let you know I am still here.  Blogger is driving me insane and not uploading some of my photos?The photos of my layouts are going up no problem..But my photos from Miss M's birthday not so much..Well I will share my layouts that broke my scrapping slump - a fortnight ago - I am back in the slump...BUT it's more a lack of time than motivation so much now..Sigh...

Well it appears I can only get this layout up. I did another one too..That was the first to get me scrapping but it won't upload...rrrrrrrr....This layout is based on a sketch from the Page Drafts blog created by Em Straface....Whose personal blog I adore..Even if she is digi based! LOL..

I will TRY to get Milla's fairy castle cake photos up tonight..If only blogger will play fair..



  1. Lets hope the uploading of photos fixes soon! im dying with anticipation to see my photos lol. xx jessika

  2. Sorry to hear you're still having probs babe. You can always usb them, come here and check if you can upload from my laptop. Only a suggestion if you have another night of bad "pics uploading on blogger" luck xox

  3. OMG Celeste this page rocks...I have been meaning to get over here and have a snoop and finally got a chance today. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful page xox