Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a quick one..

I have been on a retreat, it wasd out tenth wedding anniversary yesterday..Lots of things happening..But I have no photos to upload with them...Ah..What can you do?
My little lollipop has been waking during the night and has dropped to one day sleep..Which leaves me with ALOT less time to myself and ALOT lore time to fill when she is up! It also means I am SO tired when she sleeps, that I sleep too..Have been doing alot of nana-napping on the couch..

Anyway, I got rose yesterday - delivered! Yay me! ANd we are off for an overnight stay in Melb tonight..My girlfriend has kindly offered to have the girls overnight in return for us doing the same for them in the future..Hopefully Miss M does NOT wake..

By all..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Check this out..

Now I am not very computer savvy..In fact I suck at it..But I have managed to get this very special treat Mel and I created for the Leonards up online.. I really wanted it here but haven't been able to figure that out just yet..Bear with me..

Follow the link to have a look at our creation..

I'm off on a scrapbook retreat this weekend..Enjoy..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Leonards..

We have waited and waited for the weather to turn..and at last it has..
.....BUT unfortunately not in time for my shoot with my good friend Shell and her family. It was cold..and ALL of our kids including Mel's.. (Who was there doing something special..That I will share our results of later...) were there..Thank goodness for my DH and the school's playground just over the hill. An hour in the cold later..we camped back at our place with fish and chips...
These are just a sample of what I have edited so far..
Thanks Shell..
You are all gorgeous..and your kids have the biggest beautiful blue eyes..
Love them..Love you..
C xx

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meet Sophie..

The last time I photographed this little one..She was here.

So it was then that on a wet and gloomy day I finally got to meet Sophie Grace..The pink addition to a house of blue..and she is gorgeous..So tiny too. Thanks Michelle for letting me get hands on with your little sweetie..

And this is only a sneak peek.. I will post a few more as I go along..
After deciding that Oliver's room had the best light in a bad situation - think rain, rain and more rain and a photographer with a head cold - I can certainly see a photo of her amongst dinosaurs and boy toys and definitely some shots of her surrounded by her three brothers..Can't you just see that little bright spot of pink, frills and flowers amongst a sea of blue?
There I go again - geeting excited about a future shot I can imagine, before I have even edited the ones I have!
Thanks Michelle - she is really so cute...

I love the little finger one too - very Austin Powers ala Dr Evil..Perhaps we should call her that when she is awake in the middle of the night??

C xx

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fuzzy wuzzy

This is her..Fuzzy wuzzy hair..Getting longer, getting in her eyes ALL the time.. I am not sure if it is going to be curly or not? There are a few little curls on the side.. They come and go.. She isn't talking much.. Not distinct words.. But she has little phrases:
Whodat? (Who's that?)
Whadisit? (what is it?)
Ba (Bye)
and special little kissy noises she makes when giving away kisses or blowing them..
She also likes to blow on her food.. ( in case it's hot)
When she can't find me she squeals LOUDLY..Am trying to teach her to call my name instead - am I mad?
Has said 'ta'a few times now..
Loves to be at the table with the girls for tea.. No more big high chair for this little sprout..
Will dance to the Alive and Cooking song.. and LOVES Rockin' Robin by a very young M Jackson.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A statement of fact..

Today I am wearing my maternity jeans.
and my baby is 14 months old..
There's my thoughts for the day and a cute patootie photo of afore-mentioned 14 month old...


Monday, October 12, 2009


We have a tradition..We catch up most Sundays at Gran and Grumbles for breakfast. We then hover and hang about and the girls all play at a variety of things..Bikes, skipping, lego, gardening..We read the paper, have a nice coffee and chat...
I took these photos a couple of Sundays ago to document this, as Mum and Dad are moving to a new house very soon. It wil be sad to leave this house. It's the first home where all si of the girls have been together. Perhaps we will remember it as the 'baby days'..As they have all been in a high chair or been wrapped up to sleep here..They have all bathed, breastfed and had theier bums changed on the lounge room floor..
Onto the next phase I suppose..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday girls..

And weren't they spoilt! Bikes, scooters, barbies..Presents galore and marsbar slice birthday cake in the form of teddy bears.. They had a wonderful day..six years gone..
Their birthday always makes me reflective of their premature birth..I get sad, happy and think about that time alot. Just to let you know..that this time six years ago they weighed only 1800g each and were in their own little isolettes. They were tiny and not able to breastfeed well. They had been born at Monash and had just returned to Box Hill hospital via ambulance at only 2 days old.. Their 00000 suits were way too big and so were their nappies..
Now they are on BIG girl bikes..Hooning around the house (sigh) on scooters..Jemma took out a wall yesterday..(sigh)..They are gorgeous, well mannered and polite..
Love you twinnigans..Happy birthday babes..

Monday, October 5, 2009


Sometimes you photograph friends and you are fraught with worry that you will do them justice..
Thankfully this was not the case this time..Kell is simply radiant..Just as she was as a bride only twelve months ago and now as a mother to be....
Jez..I'm afraid you were simply window dressing..BUT I have never had someone who managed to hold a complete running conversation whist being photographed before.. Having my DH in the background entertaining our kids didn't help..So well done. Also considering you were thrown into the shoot whilst making us all a roast dinner, you proved entirely capable..
I think I might be borrowing your front yard at sunset for future photoshoots.It was fab!
As for baby..Kell..I'm hopeless..Boy? Girl?
No idea!
C xx

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Just because.... I finished them! And there were so many cute shots! So Kathie - I have left you a message..You can pick up your photos anytime! A big thanks to Brian too. Dads can be particularly recaltricant for photos.. But not Brian - and he was unwell to boot!
C xx

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby's got ..Beautiful eyes..

Sorry it has taken me so long Kathryn to get these shots up. I have been on dial up speed for almost a fortnight! But all fixed now.. He is just so divine and it was a pleasure to capture him..
Although I was fairly certain his father thought I was trying to give him pneumonia - but as you can see the natural but chilly light of outdoors worked magic!
The beanie shot is my fave! Such eyes..
I will have you photos for you when we meet up next Sat!
Thanks guys!
Will photograph him for you ANY time..
Liz - your first grandchild is gorgeous..isn't he?
C xx