Thursday, November 29, 2012

She and the Murphy Men:

My gorgeous bestie went and had her second son only hours after we had finished our quite enjoyable visit with them just over a week ago..So it was with much happiness that we ALL trekked back down to meet this sweet little fellow:

And just a few out takes to show you how gorgeous my own kids are - Look at them helping me pose and arrange sweet 'baby jam' - and how much they adore this new little friend - and his big brother:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stuck for the month:

A really quick post today. Mainly because I haven't posted in a while.. I am not sure what happens.. I go for a week or so with time up my sleeve and some crafting under my belt - and then it all evaporates?? I get nothing done and feel neglectful of my blog? These are my layouts for Stuck for the month of Nov.. A little sketchier this time around.. A bit of hand drawn lines etc..

And I haven't forgotten my little sketch challenge.. The lucky winner is Lizzy Hill. Check out her fab take on my simple sketch at:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Crew:


On totally short notice my lovely friend and workout pal, Marita and her gorgeous family pulled together for a family shoot. I love capturing families. BUT I especially love the interaction you get with a large one.You would think it would make the photos more difficult to get - but it almost always goes the other way. As in the case of these guys. Not a stress or worry. Just smiles, laughter and a little craziness - which in my book goes a long way in capturing those casual and cute moments that we all want hanging on our walls..

I think this last group shot is my fave..Large and on a canvas  I think Marita..We want those purple jeans commemorated for eternity - because purple rules...

Oh - and apologise to Imogen for the eyes-closed photo - she'll probably hate it - but I LOVE it!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sketch it:

I dunno about you..But I love a good sketch. I feel inspired by a good sketch challenge.

BUT....When I am completing an online challenge my competitive streak ( who me?? Couldn't be??) takes over and I tend to scrap a 'good photo'..You know a portrait type..And I can spend a couple of hours creating that single layout..Making sure it's original, creative..Different..It can be -  lets say..EXHAUSTING...

Needless to say, at then end of each month I have BUCKETS of everyday photos..Really the important ones that tell the tale of our lives and only a handful of layouts to show for my efforts.. and then I whip up a simple sketch of my own..Nothing dramatic mind you, and I PUMP out layouts based on this for a few days..Nothing flashy..Just those ordinary photos that I can overlook.. and a few different embellies.. I end up inspired to use the sketch in different ways and feel grateful that those photos are finally ready to go in albums...

And this time I thought I would share my process with you all - and give you a chance to WIN!..

I put together a kit ages ago and haven't given it away..So here's your chance! Use my sketch on one or even some of your everyday photos and leave a link to it in my comments.. I will pick a winner in a weeks time...

So here's my simple sketch:

Please forgive the hand drawn nature..I'm not good at digi in the sketchy way!
 You can use this sketch in lots of different ways and adapt it too..Here's my examples:

This layout uses the sketch in the standard way. I have moved my journalling up though. I prefer to write directly onto the layout most of the time..This was the last layout I completed last with my sketch too..Wanted to scrap this photo desperately and wanted to show you a BRIGHT version!

I have used a portrait photo in this version. And added the little bunting and homemade envelope..Otherwise stuck to the sketch..This layout was the first one I whipped up and it took me only 45min! I adore this photo..Truly..

This was second - and used the traditional landscape photo..But I went the bunting option again..30 min layout this time...A little more detail to the left too..

A patterned paper background helps when trying to knock over a layout quickly.I used bunting flags this time, angled my photo and used washi tape for super fast and quick details.. Third layout in one afternoon..30 min..

I did this layout last and on the second day...And I think it might be my fave from the lot.. I LOVE the colour scheme...And that's what great about a simple sketch..You can make each layout look totally different with an easy change of hue! Just to showcase how versatile the sketch is I flipped it for this one.. and I cut my photo square... Would LOVE a silhouette cameo too..They are crazy popular right now..BUT way too expensive.. So I hand cut my stars instead!

So there you go..In between exercise, cooking, cleaning and raising a family - I whipped up five layouts in two afternoons.. How will you go???

Here's what you can win:

Please make sure I am able to contact you when you leave a comment..As you will need to email me you addy for postage..

GOOD LUCK and as always... HAPPY SCRAPPING..


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This week:

A glimpse of what we have been up to..Actually it was last week..But give me a break..I needed time to edit....

The twins had their science experiments...A (pink) snowflake by Jemma and a tornado in a bottle by Grace.. They did really well..Spoke clearly and knew their stuff.. They presented this on Melbourne Cup Day.. Which always makes me think about this day 8 years ago - then they were not presenting science to their class - but Grace was taking her first steps and Jemma was VERY jealous...How times have changed and goodness doesn't it slip away???? Sigh...


And ironically..the littlies did this on Melbourne Cup day. Seriously they never play with the horses and without any prompting they got them out?? Funny, crazy things they are...

We wrote our name in playdough while R was sleeping..With some assistance from Mama..We also made a playdough cake and put in 27 candles - and then tried to cut a slice..Extremely difficult with so many candles!

And just because he is so darn cute when he drinks his milk from his sippy cup!

Other unphotographed things...I have a few new outfits and feel refreshed from our weekend away..
Rod has new shoes from the same venture..
Two ear infections...
Three mild cases of sunburn..
One case of conjuctivitis..
One sore throat..
One set of shellac nails..
8 layouts (WOW!)
One freshly coloured head of hair..
3 bootcamps
one run
one swim