Monday, February 27, 2012


 Scrap The Girls Feb challenge.
I have wanted to scrap these photos for ages.. They show just how much my biggest littlies are not so little anymore The challenge was to use love in the title..Tick..Turquoise as the main color..Tick..and chipboard..Cool flowers...

Kraft It Up Feb Challenge:
Loved up! And there is definitely a smidge of pink on there... I have scrapped this photo before..But I love it so much.. I had fun with the little circles..

Bye xx

Friday, February 24, 2012

A the back of beyond:

Yes...a long, long way from the city..But with good reason. Gum Gully Farm is a truly beautiful place for a wedding. And FULL of amazing places to take beautiful wedding photos. Ellen-MArie and Ben..Thanks so much for letting me photograph your special day. I enjoyed it all. Big thanks too goes to my pair of camera bag carriers! I always seemed to leave it everywhere! I learnt more about deer than I think I will ever again find useful..They look great in the photos though!

C xx

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Some layouts that I did for challenges last year...I don't think I have posted them?

This is the Stuck! Feb 15th sketch layout...
I used a real fabric tag. (Under Rylan) I misted it first.. I think it was from my jeans??  I did these layouts way back in Dec.. Mighty organised I was..So that I could have Jan free for sun and fun! Looking at it now though...I have no concept of why I used a green brad smack bang in the centre?? Ah duh? It so does not work there....

I also have a challenge layout ready to post..So I at least have some one more scrapping proje to share in the very near future!

Bye xx

Saturday, February 18, 2012


There isn't much more to say. My gorgeous Valentine's Day baby has been here a decade...Sweet darling, contrary girl..A photo taken quickly in the midst of birthday celebrations...Quick yes..But still makes my heart ache with how beautiful she is... Happy Birthday Rosie...

Love M xx

Friday, February 10, 2012

ho hum...

She is at kinder. I am not liking it yet. I am lonely. R is sleeping. Where is my noisy, cute little sidekick?

In the car this morning, her nervous energy about kinder made her speak ULTRA fast and she was warbling on. Then she said something that brought tears to my eyes..Right after mumbling about Ian and camping and him being a boy she said and I quote,"and you're my mummy..You're my sweetheart.." and then she went on to mention other irrelevant things.. But I caught it...She was telling me in her own funny round about way that she was nervous, excited and a little scared and that she would miss me..a little bit anyway...Sigh...

Love you too my little SWEETHEART..Right back at you babe.. See you at 2.30...

Love Mama xx

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OMG! I'm back!

Hello!! I wonder if anyone out there is still checking in on me??? So sorry for the massive break. But I really needed a break from technology this Summer. I gave in to it easily too. I had access to the internet and just didn't bother. Instead I read a book, painted numerous toenails, exercised (shock/horror!) and mucked about with my kids. So much so that I have found it quite difficult to get back on the broadband technological super highway. BUT here I am... So I thought I would share some of Summer photos. I actually didn't pull the camera out that much either? I really just chilled. AND I loved it. Totally.

Now we have waterslided, knee-boarded, ridden bikes, swam in the pool and the river. Been on three seperate speed boats. We have made giant freckles at a choc factory, tried every version of coffee in Yarrawonga. We saw fireworks and a ski show. We entertained our selves at mini golf, Gracie getting a hole in one. We swam in the rain and some of us (younger) tried our hands at skinny dipping. We have eated ice cream, chocolate, pizzas, salads and more salads... We were issued speeding fines (older..oops) and had bike races. We skate boarded and slathered on sunscreen too many times to count. Were rarely in bed before 10 and even made New Years Day at midnight. We had visitors, Murphy's and Lockharts.. We played with our friends, exhausted two pairs of thons each and had an awesome time.

I love Summer.