Friday, February 10, 2012

ho hum...

She is at kinder. I am not liking it yet. I am lonely. R is sleeping. Where is my noisy, cute little sidekick?

In the car this morning, her nervous energy about kinder made her speak ULTRA fast and she was warbling on. Then she said something that brought tears to my eyes..Right after mumbling about Ian and camping and him being a boy she said and I quote,"and you're my mummy..You're my sweetheart.." and then she went on to mention other irrelevant things.. But I caught it...She was telling me in her own funny round about way that she was nervous, excited and a little scared and that she would miss me..a little bit anyway...Sigh...

Love you too my little SWEETHEART..Right back at you babe.. See you at 2.30...

Love Mama xx


  1. Wow your big girl is at kinder, she looks so cute. I love her pigtails.

    Tracey (Yarrawonga)

  2. Hi Celeste. What a lovely comment from your daughter - hope you are not missing her too much!
    I dropped in to say that I have an award for you over on my blog. I absolutely adore your scrapping style and one of my all time favourite layouts which I have now pinned on Pinterest too, is your "We call him Toothy". Please keep sharing your beautiful work.