Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stuck for the month:

A really quick post today. Mainly because I haven't posted in a while.. I am not sure what happens.. I go for a week or so with time up my sleeve and some crafting under my belt - and then it all evaporates?? I get nothing done and feel neglectful of my blog? These are my layouts for Stuck for the month of Nov.. A little sketchier this time around.. A bit of hand drawn lines etc..

And I haven't forgotten my little sketch challenge.. The lucky winner is Lizzy Hill. Check out her fab take on my simple sketch at:


  1. Hi.. These are great layouts.. always love the photos you use.. and well done Lizzy!!

  2. Thanks sooo much Celeste! Feel quite chuffed.....& thanks the Other Lizzy!!!!!!

  3. Hey Celeste...just a little excited...sold this LO to THANK YOU:):):) I shall note on it that it's your sketch:):)!!!!!!!!

  4. yep, love them Celeste and guess what????
    Your not alone thinking with time evaporating.. seriously, do you think if we ask Santa he can give us an extra day between Saturday and Sunday??
    Have a good weekend XO