Thursday, November 29, 2012

She and the Murphy Men:

My gorgeous bestie went and had her second son only hours after we had finished our quite enjoyable visit with them just over a week ago..So it was with much happiness that we ALL trekked back down to meet this sweet little fellow:

And just a few out takes to show you how gorgeous my own kids are - Look at them helping me pose and arrange sweet 'baby jam' - and how much they adore this new little friend - and his big brother:


  1. How on earth are they gonna choose some faves...these are all fab - LOVE the book ones & that snuggly white rug.....YUMMY!!!

  2. stunning yummy piccies......makes me (almost) want another lol.......but i cant be greedy....ive got 7 blue fave would be the one of him on the books....and the last 1 of him with your 4 girls...they will make gorgeous mummys 1 day

  3. He's just divine. Congrats guys.
    Gorgeous photos Celeste. Happy to see the elf hat being put to good use :)

  4. aaahhhh! beautiful photos! beautiful kids!

  5. Cecil, you are as always amazing.
    Thankyou for such beautiful pics.
    Love you.