Monday, November 5, 2012

Scrapping the boy: NOV

I know I keep saying this...And I am sure that it is running out of me as I type this...But I am on a bit of a crafting high...BUT I have a pastel inspired challenge layout half-finished on my desk - ick - I dislike working with pastels and it sapping the creativity out of me...

But back on track - I have scrapped  my fair share of my son this past week..So boy overload coming on..I am sorry..But boy layouts flowed out of me - so that's what you've got:


It was a colour palette challenge for the month of November.. And a tricky one at that. Not colours that I would normally run with - BUT that is what a challenge is all about I suppose! I had this photo of Rylan and it suited the colour scheme perfectly. The stars were created by cutting out the outline of already used star stickers - if that makes some sense? And I liked the sunburst paper - worked well with the theme..
                     Kraft It Up:                                

The challenge this month was to leave white space. Well...No probs there..Most of my layouts have this.. The colours in this layout were much more my kind of deal too! The from YEARS ago and I located them during my big clean up. Score.. This is HIM right now..Always moving...Cutie patootie..

I always like these challenges...This month was to use this combo:

Yellow + washi tape + handmade object

I always like to throw in a bit of yellow these days - when in the past it was pretty much taboo..I have a scrappy friend now moved away who always hated using yellow...Ahhhh...So on that note - One of my handmade objects was my mist. I mixed yellow paint and water to create my own.. I love my coloured stars.. Noice. I also created my own washi tape. I painted masking tape white and while it was wet misted it green and then used the end of a pencil to create the dots before the mist dried...I liked it it so much I made more for another layout I will post later...

This layout also started life on patterned paper but I preferred the stars on the white..So it became what you see...

See?? Boy overload...
More chicks next time..



  1. beautiful!!!! very nice picture too !

  2. love your layouts...and pictures!!! such a cute boy!!!

  3. Hi Celeste! Thanks for playing along at SUYS again this month. We love that you like our challenges. Handmade washi tape? Now that's clever! Great pages - all of them!

  4. Hi Celeste thank you for your lovely words about SUYS!! We love you entering our challenges! I adore your layout just beautifulxxx
    Love all the pages xx

  5. That discovery, I am this morning! Beauty of all your creations. Bravo! and thank you for playing with us on STB

  6. Gorgeous work! Love your creations - your have such a lovely style!! xo

  7. Great layouts Celeste! love the stars and your photo's so cute thanks for joining in at SUYS cheers!

  8. Score is right. Love all those big letters too. It's great how old stuff can look new again when you use it in a different way! LOVE your layout - so fab :) The colours look great on the kraft and you are a natural at minimalist. Thanks so much for joining us again - love your style.

  9. Gorgeous layouts Celeste. Love that you even made your own washi tape for the SUYS challenge. Thanks for playing at SUYS x

  10. Wow, LOVE your pages, esp the STB's one, that pic is AWESOME!!

  11. Love all the stars!

    Thx for joining us at Scrap the boys

  12. How can you find any time to clean up Celeste? Loving all of these layouts but the big "R" on your KIU is perfect! Lots of colour, white space and fun just about sums up visiting your blog, always such a pleasure x

  13. Stunning LO's Celeste! I always love your work! I like how you've made your own washi tape and mist for your SUYS LO, very clever! Thanks for playing along! Xx

  14. Wow, love these layouts! Thanks for playing along at SUYS