Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This week:

A glimpse of what we have been up to..Actually it was last week..But give me a break..I needed time to edit....

The twins had their science experiments...A (pink) snowflake by Jemma and a tornado in a bottle by Grace.. They did really well..Spoke clearly and knew their stuff.. They presented this on Melbourne Cup Day.. Which always makes me think about this day 8 years ago - then they were not presenting science to their class - but Grace was taking her first steps and Jemma was VERY jealous...How times have changed and goodness doesn't it slip away???? Sigh...


And ironically..the littlies did this on Melbourne Cup day. Seriously they never play with the horses and without any prompting they got them out?? Funny, crazy things they are...

We wrote our name in playdough while R was sleeping..With some assistance from Mama..We also made a playdough cake and put in 27 candles - and then tried to cut a slice..Extremely difficult with so many candles!

And just because he is so darn cute when he drinks his milk from his sippy cup!

Other unphotographed things...I have a few new outfits and feel refreshed from our weekend away..
Rod has new shoes from the same venture..
Two ear infections...
Three mild cases of sunburn..
One case of conjuctivitis..
One sore throat..
One set of shellac nails..
8 layouts (WOW!)
One freshly coloured head of hair..
3 bootcamps
one run
one swim


  1. I looked after my grand boy for one day & I was exhausted. Dunno how you do it...but good on you...LOVE that the kids did the horse thing on cup day. Real Victorians!!!!

  2. I am always tired Lizzy! A perpetual state I am entirely accustomed to now - I make myself more tired by exercising like a demon too! Then I sleep like a baby..Better than a baby actually - coz they sleep so badly really!