Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Crew:


On totally short notice my lovely friend and workout pal, Marita and her gorgeous family pulled together for a family shoot. I love capturing families. BUT I especially love the interaction you get with a large one.You would think it would make the photos more difficult to get - but it almost always goes the other way. As in the case of these guys. Not a stress or worry. Just smiles, laughter and a little craziness - which in my book goes a long way in capturing those casual and cute moments that we all want hanging on our walls..

I think this last group shot is my fave..Large and on a canvas  I think Marita..We want those purple jeans commemorated for eternity - because purple rules...

Oh - and apologise to Imogen for the eyes-closed photo - she'll probably hate it - but I LOVE it!!!


  1. Oh Celeste you are AWESOME!!! It is going to be so tough choosing. Definitely agree that last one is a definite canvas one. You are one talented lady!!!

  2. Celeste you truly are amazing with your photography!!! You have a great talent and it is awesome that you have your blog to show it to the world.
    I'm looking forward to our little photo shoot next week, Jac :-)