Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday girls..

And weren't they spoilt! Bikes, scooters, barbies..Presents galore and marsbar slice birthday cake in the form of teddy bears.. They had a wonderful day..six years gone..
Their birthday always makes me reflective of their premature birth..I get sad, happy and think about that time alot. Just to let you know..that this time six years ago they weighed only 1800g each and were in their own little isolettes. They were tiny and not able to breastfeed well. They had been born at Monash and had just returned to Box Hill hospital via ambulance at only 2 days old.. Their 00000 suits were way too big and so were their nappies..
Now they are on BIG girl bikes..Hooning around the house (sigh) on scooters..Jemma took out a wall yesterday..(sigh)..They are gorgeous, well mannered and polite..
Love you twinnigans..Happy birthday babes..

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  1. hi Celeste I am really looking forward to doing your class athe retreat! last year your gorgeous bubba visited us with you!
    As I read your paragraph about your beautiful twin girls being prem, I was taken back to 9 years ago on Sunday when Mia was born weighing 740gms - She will be 9 on Sunday and has also come a long way although she is still in size 5/6 clothes she is happy healthy and is a blessing!
    thanks for sharing your beautiful photos