Monday, October 5, 2009


Sometimes you photograph friends and you are fraught with worry that you will do them justice..
Thankfully this was not the case this time..Kell is simply radiant..Just as she was as a bride only twelve months ago and now as a mother to be....
Jez..I'm afraid you were simply window dressing..BUT I have never had someone who managed to hold a complete running conversation whist being photographed before.. Having my DH in the background entertaining our kids didn't help..So well done. Also considering you were thrown into the shoot whilst making us all a roast dinner, you proved entirely capable..
I think I might be borrowing your front yard at sunset for future photoshoots.It was fab!
As for baby..Kell..I'm hopeless..Boy? Girl?
No idea!
C xx

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  1. Celeste, Simply gorgeous pics of the expecting couple, well done. As a very proud Mum I absolutely LOVE them!! (A little biased I guess) You certainly have captured a "moment" beautifully!

    Wendy Peach
    Ps. LOVE your work....