Saturday, October 31, 2009

Just a quick one..

I have been on a retreat, it wasd out tenth wedding anniversary yesterday..Lots of things happening..But I have no photos to upload with them...Ah..What can you do?
My little lollipop has been waking during the night and has dropped to one day sleep..Which leaves me with ALOT less time to myself and ALOT lore time to fill when she is up! It also means I am SO tired when she sleeps, that I sleep too..Have been doing alot of nana-napping on the couch..

Anyway, I got rose yesterday - delivered! Yay me! ANd we are off for an overnight stay in Melb tonight..My girlfriend has kindly offered to have the girls overnight in return for us doing the same for them in the future..Hopefully Miss M does NOT wake..

By all..

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