Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fuzzy wuzzy

This is her..Fuzzy wuzzy hair..Getting longer, getting in her eyes ALL the time.. I am not sure if it is going to be curly or not? There are a few little curls on the side.. They come and go.. She isn't talking much.. Not distinct words.. But she has little phrases:
Whodat? (Who's that?)
Whadisit? (what is it?)
Ba (Bye)
and special little kissy noises she makes when giving away kisses or blowing them..
She also likes to blow on her food.. ( in case it's hot)
When she can't find me she squeals LOUDLY..Am trying to teach her to call my name instead - am I mad?
Has said 'ta'a few times now..
Loves to be at the table with the girls for tea.. No more big high chair for this little sprout..
Will dance to the Alive and Cooking song.. and LOVES Rockin' Robin by a very young M Jackson.

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