Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ab challenge:

I think I might have gone quite simply bonkers?? But I am going to post these photos anyway...Make of them what you will..But by doing so it will keep me accountable to workout and stick with the challenge:
Dani at Fitness Food and Style is running an ab challenge on her blog and seeing as I am semi- sort of fit and my core is already strong I thought it might be a bit of fun to play along and if I manage to look good in a bikini in a few months it will have been well worth it.. It was just the though of taking these photos that made me skirm a little...But they're actually ok?

I think my mid-section is in it's best shape since well BEFORE kidlets anyway..So I will have a go.. I like the challenge concept? Playing along with others makes it less of a chore... I am following the Killer Core and Cardio program devised by my friend and trainer Jac of Crabtree Fitness Professionals and it is awesome - TOUGH but awesome...

Want to play along???
Check out the links if you do...

Please be kind to my naked stomach photos....LOL



  1. Man! If I had a tummy like that I'd be wearing a bikini all winter long....enviousness coming from up North of the Country!!!!:):):):)

  2. Looks great Celeste! Be proud that you have had five children and have worked hard to look that awesome and after the challenge will be even more so! Good on you for posting the pic also.

  3. Fab-u-lous!!! So glad you were willing to do this babe!!! What a great photographer you had :-) Thanks for taking my pics as well XxD

  4. Well done, very brave put it out there, even though you have a beautiful tum.

  5. Women all around the world are now cursing as they can no longer use the excuse of having babies for being out of shape!!! All the hard work has paid off big time Celeste. Keep up the good work-six pack for summer!! Jac-Crabtree Fitness Professionals

  6. What a yummy Mummy! Well done girls!!!

  7. Go Girl! I wish my tummy was that good before I had kids!
    Imagine how great you will look/feel when you achieve your six pack!