Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Her bday week begins:

Miss Moo Maa is four on Sunday..We kicked off her birthday celebrations this week with a self-decorated cake at playgroup. The idea was simple enough..We pre-iced it and then set it in the middle of the kids with bowls of various sweeties and away they went.. They clearly emptied the bowls of lollies and the resulting cake was a HIT! Many little hands make light work!

On a side note our Miss Milla is very popular..Please note THE kiss..She's a popular girl these days..Twin boyfriends at playgroup and a boyfriend at kinder too...

We also have cake pops to make for kinder on Friday and a fairy castle cake for her birthday proper...No party this year..BUT plenty of cake it seems:

Disclaimer: All kids hand were sanitized prior to decorating procedure...LOL..



  1. wow.. I get a sugar high just looking at the cake!!

  2. GReAT cake...LOVE this sort of creativity that kids can do & enjoy & not be too 'directed' by adults. The BESTEST type of fun:):):)

  3. What a great idea!! They did well, looks like they had a ball. Happy birthday Milla!!! I see she had her first kiss from a boy! How sweet :)

  4. ps. how much has Rylan grown!?!?! We must catch up!

  5. What a hit babe!!! Glad the kids had a ball decorating it!! I won't even go there this year! I am hopeless as I would've smashed those lollies before those kids even had a chance to decorate it!! Have fun with the cake pops this week. Can't wait for those and feel free to come grab my KitchenAid anytime this week!! XxDani

  6. Wait - Milla has another boyfriend at Kinder? My boys will be devastated! But I must say that kiss from Jake is too cute. The kids had a ball. Thank you!