Friday, August 3, 2012

Cut from the same cloth:

I took these little happy snaps while away in Yarrawonga over the holidays. And I have to tell you that I adore them. I don't have alot of photos of my two men. So this is special - and it was just before he had his haircut..Baby and Daddy..Last images.. Ilove the smile and the feet drawn together in joy..So sweet..

He walks in to a room and people say, "Hello Little Rodda.."
He has his Daddy's big blue eyes and they melt me just as much..
He can see a person out on a bike and insist they are "Dadda"...
I like him to wear a vest over a shirt - think preppy - Dadda hates it..
The door from the house to the garage open and he automatically thinks it's Dadda..

Off  to Melb for footy and a date night tomorrow...



  1. Oh these are adorable.. and I especially love the scruffy knees on your darling sons jeans.. typical boy!!

  2. These are really cute & just gorgeous snaps....your two men folk. How sweet!

  3. these are so sweet! hes gonna be a little heartbreaker!!!