Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milla's bday take two and three:

I am getting the comment.."server returned invalid response' whenever I try to upload photos? If anyone knows what I can do to fix this so that I can upload properly..

I would GREATLY appreciate it...

Grumbly blogger signing free again..

Hey Hey! Thanks for your help Chloe and Teresa - I am functional and uploading!
Having no photos on my blog is like me without a voice...Seriously they are how I express what I wany to say..Didn't really realise how much a little snap means until I wasn't able to share them..

Any how here are Milla's birthday photos:

These were her cake pops I made for kinder last week. Luckily I was on kinder duty..So I was able to snap away happily. I rolled them myself. Following a recipe online.. BAke a cake..Crumble cooled cake and add some frosting..Roll mixture into ball and set in fridge.. Melt choc..Dip sticks in choc and stick into ball..Then swirl in choc ( this part I sucked at) and dip in freckles.. Leave to set..
Not bad..She loved them and the twins want them for their birthday now...
And now to the finale..Her ACTUAL birthday on Sunday..
She stated months ago, ( after viewing Harry Potter with her older sisters) that she wanted a castle cake..Think convinced her a pretty fairy castle cake would be our compromise...
The idea started witha Donna Hay Fairy Castle cake...Thanks Cindy....


And ended up here...I didn't want to use fondant..Instead made swiss meringue buttercream and used sour straps for decorating.. The waffle cones were initially a great idea.. But they are angled? So had to jam them into the 'jam roll' towers.. Looks a bit wierd and wonky side on ( above) but ok full frontal!



  1. I am sorry, I do not know what that means or how to fix it.. hopefully it will right itself!!

  2. Oh no!! I don't know, but one time I couldn't upload photos to my blog so I know how you are feeling!! I found out my photo web album was full. I wasn't even aware I HAD a web album, let along that it could get full!! LOL ... no idea if this is the same problem tho ... sorry .... :-( :-(. Hope it fixes for you, I love popping over here to see your pics!! :-)

    1. Yes..I will have to check if my paid storage is used up! Hope not.. I always keep my web photos smaller..700px..So it really shouldn't be. Thanks for the advice Chloe!

  3. Just went through the same problem. All photos on Blogger are stored in a Picasa Web Album. You get 1GB free storage - chances are yours is full. You can do two things: pay for more storage space, or upgrade to google+. Google+ has unlimited free storage, so it's probably the better option. Hope that helps. Please drop me a line if you have more questions - I've enjoyed visiting your blog for a few months now :)
    PS photos under 800 x 800 and videos under 15 mins don't count toward storage limit.

    1. Thanks so much! I did pay for more storage space a while back? Maybe I have used all of that already? Will see about upgrading to google plus..
      Thansk for all your advice Teresa I really appreciate it!

  4. Wow - that cake is just gorgeous!!! Love it!!! Glad you got your photo problems sorted!! Great tip about the Google + ... will keep that in mind for myself :-)

  5. Wow! She is growing fast! She is looking like one of the big girls now!!!

  6. Good to know about the pic storage errors!! You did such a ripper job babe, it all looks fab Xd