Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This is a bonus sketch for this month over at Stuck!.. They are celebrating their birthday this month with lots of prizes..Extra challenges and giveaways..

And here is my take on the sketch:

As is the norm these days, I am struggling with my mojo and my mojo is struggling with limited opportunity..And my opportune moments are struggling with a messy space..

Sigh....I look at my scrap space and either feel too tired or unispired, I go and hang or fold washing..I sort out clothing and make dinner, I workout..I play with the kidlets.. I edit photos..I blog..I read a bit of a book..

Then wouldn't you know it - it's the NEXT day..And I start looking at my creative space all over again..Trying to find the time... I wish I was one of those women who can do it all.. But some things just slip by me - and I am going to have to be content with that..

Having said all that....

I ran up our mountain on Sunday..( insert pumped expression here).. With  Jac..and a few others, we braved sleet, rain, freezing winds and runners full of water to complete the 14.2km round trip. I really should put a photo of our mountain here to give you an idea...Put it this way.. Occasionally it gets cold enough that there is snow on it and the kids all get to play in it! I think it at about 800m elevation??


  1. wow.. I would be happy with climbing that mountain, perhaps you only have the time for one mountain at a time!!!

  2. HARD CORE running Celeste!!!! Running in those conditions you can definitely call yourself a "runner"
    600m elevation but "feels like" 1000m- great achievement !! Jac

  3. Gorgeous layout!!! WTG on your running! That is fantastic!!! Well done!

  4. Like this blog sweetness, You'll get there....one day.x