Saturday, August 25, 2012

All about:

Miss M..Now aged 4:

  • Is known as Milly Moo..Mooms...Moomy...Milly Moo Maa...Do I need to go on??
  • Loves Thomas the cat to pieces.But continues to think he is female?

  • Can write and recognize the letter M from her name.. Working on entire name..
  • Get her colors right - MOST of the time..
  • Can count to 20 - misses 14 everytime..
  • Is polite..Thanks us for everything..To the point where you wonder if she knows some kids have NOTHING...Spooky..
  • Sweet and kind..Looking after her brother ALOT.
  • Complimentary to a FAULT.." Mum this dinner is YUMTASTIC!" 
  • Invents new YUMTASTIC..
  • Can ride a BIG girls bike to the park and back.with training wheels of course.
  • Loves dresses and bright colours..
  • Loves Lucy and her blanket...
  • Has outfits for Lucy..
  • Likes to take her own pram shopping with Lucy on board..
  • Loves Harry Potter..EVEN the scary bits...
  • Can do a good impression of a sit up and a reverse lunge..
  • Loves pear porridge and pancakes and french toast..
  • enjoys my soups..
  • Loves a morning coffee..( frothy milk)
  • Loves a babychino when shopping..(frothy milk + marshmallow)
  • Likes to roll on and over her baby brother..WTH?
  • Has numerous boyfriends..Edward, Jacob, Matthew...Lucas..
  • Loves kinder..
  • Loves playgroup..More boyfriends here..Shannon, Blair, Curtis and Hamish
  • Did I mention she was popular with the blokes?
  • TALKS NON -STOP..I mean seriously..Chatter..Chatter...Chatter..
  • Is getting into the creative play..and taking her little brother along for the ride..
  • Still LOVES Peppa Pig..
  • Other TV faves include..Mike the Knight, Arthur and Laura' Star..
  • Loves to help in the kitchen..Can crack an egg like an old pro...
  • BFF include Sarah, Katelynn, Scarlett, Lily, Charlotte, Sophia and Mietta..
  •  Loves a good lipgloss and has three flavours always on hand..
  • Is a fan of the Starship song..Ick..
  • You know that snickers ad? Milla..You're not you when you're hungry..
  • Tired Milla is whiny and sooky..BUT she tries always to stay up with her sisters..
  • HAs taken to stamping her foot if she doesn't like what she hears.
  • "Pleeeeease..Pleease" is her fave way of trying to get what she wants..
  • Is in a size four..
  • Likes her finger and toenails painted and pretty where ever possible.
She is our only 'planned' baby adn we couldn't have planned her better! She is a delight and funny little blond bundle.. Gorgeous and sweet natured...We simply love her to pieces..
She is a big girl now..Yes baby you are..


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  1. Such stunning photos as usual Celeste. I love the record of this stage in your daughter's life - it's so important to remember these details.