Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Here we go: snow

I have been promising to post our photos from our trip to Falls Creek with our good friends... The big girls had an absolute ball. But don't get me wrong - we had pre-warned them that it was going to be COLD and hard work. They were certain to fall over ALOT.

It panned out pretty much as we thought it would. The twins had a stoic attitude to toppling. Um Hallie..NOT so much. Wailing, hysterics and if I didn't know her as well as I do - I would have thought she had broken a few bones! After their morning lesson Rod and I were so chuffed with how much they had learned ( I was grinning like an idiot!) we bravely took our three, the Lockhart's three and their Dad ( also on lesson one) down a green (easy) run.

About a third of the way down, having stopped a gazillion times to heft a fallen child back onto their skis, after screeching like a Fishwife "Bloody snowplow..For *$#@ sake, SNOWPLOW!"   and when they had fallen, "Ski's sideways to the mountain, BLOODY sideways!"...

Rod ventured, "Perhaps a bit ambitious?" A bit????

Needless to say, we made it down.. Me, having only having needed to ski away from oldest - wailing - child once, for fear of piercing her prone, crying form with one of my stocks....

They all went back to the beginners slope - successfully I might add. Rod and I went off and skiied a few runs. Hallie, after some gentle discussion admitted her screaming was sheer frustration and she elected NOT to take the afore-mentioned green run back to the carpark at the end of the day - opting instead for the relative calm of the ski lift.. But I was proud of her anyway for having a go, admitting to her weaknesses and smiling at the end of it all..She even laughed at the video footage of herself falling - go figure!

The twins however were truly keen to give the run another crack. So we did it again. Apart from giving up on Sam and letting him slide to his feet when he fell - our girls were so successful. Perhaps it was knowing what they were up against this time - but Jemma ( trooper and the one with the never-fail attitude) never fell once, (!!!!!) and Grace fell only twice and got herself back up both times.. To say I was proud of them - well understatement. My heart swelled that they obviously seemed to love a sport like I do!

Back at the house, a full belly and a room filled with six kidlets - SOUND ASLEEP within ten minutes of lights out...

Swearing and frustration aside...WONDERFUL......

Big thanks to Helen and David.. Our beautiful friends who we have such a cracking time with..Thanks for inviting us and letting us be a part of you snow holiday..
Here's to next year!



  1. Spent a week at Falls Creek many years ago - was quite happy doing the long easy run over and over - anything else and I'm with Hallie! (quite happy to sook alot)Great photos.

    Thnaks for the lovely comments on my blog - not giving up scrapping yet, maybe just doing digi for a while instead of paper - easier to clean up ...

  2. How good!!! Love the pics babe, can't wait to go one day......xD

  3. Hi Celeste love your blog and your photosx Just blog hopping for Stuck birthday xxx