Thursday, May 10, 2012


Thanks to everyone who left such beautiful commenst on my life with 5 post.. Everyone of them made me smile and even more thankful than I already am to have my family.... and my friends online and off...

Thought I would share a couple of layouts that ended up following a sun burst type effect. I was originally doing them for a sketch challenge.. But they got so busy I scrapped (hehehehe) that idea and just thought I'd share them here. They are little bit different from my normal style.. But alot of fun to do working with angles instead of straight lines all the time:

I quite enjoy scraplifting myself.. So much so I have done it again with a challenge..I will post these another day....

I hope your day is as full of sunbursts as mine...



  1. Awesome awesome. I just love that design. The colours, the pics.....delish.

  2. These are REALLY different from your usual style, but look great - almost the colours & the row of photos at the bottom. Works well:):):)

  3. Oh wow.. these are extraordinary! I feel like I am falling down into the layout, the eye is drawn down to the gorgeous photos.. you should submit these to a mag.. they are stunning very eye catching and something really different creative and beautiful.. and a wonderful way of using scraps!!