Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She did this:

....All by herself. And you know I can't recreate the same look on her? And believe me I've tried! The softness of it is what my version is alway missing!

 She is 10 and just knows how her hair works I suppose. She does it herself everyday for school now. Very similar to this style. Although she is starting to branch out into loose pony tails  and pig tails too...

Another sign that she is growing up and away from me...




  1. She's growing up alright...you can see it in the face....new delights ahead...new challenges:):) Pretty Plaits, too!!!

  2. What a stunning photo! Her plaits are so perfect like that - I should take notes... I must be much too fond of the brush... and tightness! Gorgeous!

  3. Oh she is a very beautiful girl, and yes she is growing up... but growing away... never.. they go through changes where their friends become super important, but when the chips are down, they come to their mum...