Friday, May 25, 2012

Stuck May 15:

Here is my take on the sketch over at Stuck for the 15th May:

Some cute photos of Milly Moo Mah...Always be divinely cheeky and sweet for the camera these days..That's what the 'tweet tweet' is really all about.. I am not real sure if the title makes sense.. Well it does for me!
I initially thought this sketch was going to be difficult for my style. But I was really happy with the finished result..

Challenge your self and have a go....


  1. GLad you liked the sketch...I had trouble with this one.Not that it ended up in this challenge anyway. SO I agonised over nothing?!?!?!?! Sweet your style, as usual:):):)

  2. this looks gorgeous! what delightful photos too..... (bummer that other lizzy beat me again!!!haha!!)