Tuesday, May 22, 2012

8 kids, two cameras + 1 calendar and 1 canvas:

These were the results of  Cindy and my endeavours to capture all 8 gandchildren on canvas for my mum. As it turned out - the promise of Macca's when we were done - and both the boys having a wee nap before setting off - proved fruitful and we got all these and more! Mum got plenty of others in her calendar too!

The last one (minus the words in the top left corner) was the final canvas and having not seen it till she opened it on Mother's Day - I was doing a little happy dance as she  opened the bubblewrap!

So very pleased xx


  1. The canvas looked amazing...you did a great job, even with a tummy bug :)
    So very glad we got these ...now to plan a shoot for my lot.

  2. LOVE the last one...the geometrics with the biggest gk in the middle & then going down looks awesome. Bet your Mum was ott happy:):):)

  3. Awesome shot. I can imagine how good the canvas would have looked.

  4. Oh these are so lovely! The last photo is my fav!!

  5. absolutely gorgeous - beautiful kids.