Saturday, May 5, 2012

Catching the Autumn loveliness:

It was a bit breezy..But I was able to capture all branches of this extended family.. Some individual shots and some lovely candid moments too:

New babies, (Henreika she is beautiful) new engagements, grandkids, siblings, in-laws and grandparents we had it all on this crisp Autumn day...With this being a family of originally seven children..It gave me a small insight to the 'add-ons' we will eventually experience in our future..Son in lawa, boyfriends older grandchildren and then probably a second generation of newer ones... What a lot we hav to look forward to.. Right now I will content myself with the fact that my five played happily in the car while I took these shots!


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  1. Gorgeous photos...LOVE the autumnal feel & those shots of the kids running forward are magical...some cute kidlets here. Less than 20 days to go before I become a 'grandie'...can't wait!!!!