Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seeing double:

Now I have done this before.. I created a layout for Kraft It Up and when I was done I realised I had NOT used Kraft as the background:

Anyhoo...Me being a dumbarse is of no real importance here.. I stopped whipping myself with a sharp stick and decided to scraplift myself to actually complete the challenge. I used the same Easter photo of the other twin and successfully scrapped Jemma and Grace and finished the challenge:

I just stuck to the same style - much like a sketch challenge really and changed up the colour scheme to suit Kraft and the photo..I have to say I was a bit over circles and my circle cutter by the end of the afternoon! But I was rally happy with both.. Almost identical layouts for almost identical twins!!

Grace is in the 'mistake' layout and Jemma in the challenge layout... The challenge was to interview someone about what Easter means to them. I interviewed both girls - obviously - and they initally found it challenging. I think they thought they had  to answer correctly and were afraid they answers they gave might have been wrong?  They were both saying nothing and looking at me for guidance With a little prompting they both gave very similar answers.. Must be a twin thing - or the fact that we traditinally do the same thing every Easter!

I liked adding their thoughts to a layout about them and Hallie even commented that she would have liked to have done it. So I think I will use this method to journal more often. Obviously I would have to write on the layout - the control freak in me - wouldn't allow for their writing to be on the page!

Scraplift yourself this weekend - and interview soemone it's fun and  it's easy! Thanks Kraft It Up!



  1. How cool! These are both brilliant!!! Love your style! :D

  2. Great story. Love your layouts.

  3. I did worse....thought I was doing the Stuck?! carefully & at times frustratingly adhered to it as much as possible...then realised it was the KIU challenge I was actually I didn't NEED the sketch....DOUBLE DUH! Haven't put it up yet. Aah well...& you should use the girls' writing etc...go on, un-control & let 'em have a go! Get them to do the kids challenge over at Show us your stuff!!!!

  4. ahhh! i really need to get here a bit earlier to beat that 'other' Lizzy!!haha!! I think that having done the two layouts is a fabulous idea, one for each girl..(even if that wasn't your intention!). I love both of them, and I am sure the other sisters would like one for them as well!! I love the circles, and I love your style.. and your photos are divine!!

  5. Love your KIU layout Celeste. I am very into circles at the moment. Love what you have done with them. Great layout. Thanks so much for joining in over at KIU.
    Cheers Di xo