Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chatty Cathy:

He is 21 months old and the words are flowing thick and fast these days..He will often parrot back what I say to him now..But here are someof the ones he uses on his own:

foopball: football..Pointing at the TV and when he plays with footy.
pawa: paradise (as in the Coldplay song)
pies: as in the Collingwood football club.. startin' em young- naturally...
more: as in food..Mostly his honey wheat breakfast cereal - which he has two bowls of..
ruck: truck
mopobipe: motorbike
Mia: Milla
Memmy: Jemma
Drace: Grace
Haaie: Hallie
Wool: Wilson the dog.
Fower: Flower
uppie: up..Said loud and insistently especially in relation to the bar stools
du-own: down
Arry: Harry Potter ( thank to his big sisters)
tana: sultana which he traipes around the house leaving a trail like red riding hood..
nana: banana the fruit and said loudly when Banana's in Pyjama's comes on..
Mumbles: Grumbles
Gran: which I have technically NOT heard him say..But apparently he says it..
ta: rarely...rrrrrr
na-oh: no..Picked this one up this week...Wonderful..
eyebow: eyebrow
uh-oh: learned from Willman Murphy..
uh-pull: apple. He goes to the fridge and helps himself..
boob-ee: thankfully he DOES NOT help himself! Still has two feeds though..
woof: dog
fupby: butterfly.My fault - because I say flutterby..
peese: please..Will use when tortured - oops prompted!
baybupon: bellybutton..Only Mummy can make sense of this one unless he is pointing at it..
irdy: bird
wongway: wrong way..Said repeatedly in the car if we don't go where he is expecting us too.
ug: snuggie..His special blanket.
raaaar: in a dinosaur..
stool: school
bye bye
ish: fish
hawo: hello
bumble: his three-wheeled bike that looks like a bumble bee
bipe: bike. He points them out and then says Daddy..
el-moh: elmo..Said because of this: "I'm Elmo and I know it" Checkit out here:

I can't remember anymore..But that enough really... I didn't really think he had that many in his vocabulary??

Where's my baby gone??

And if yi



  1. Sweet:):) And such a fast going phase...nice to get them down whilst he's still doing them:):)

  2. Oh yes this has brought back distant memories of my son who turned 27 on monday... sigh.. they do grow up toooo fast... (and laughing to myself I think this is the 5th post where I have left a message AFTER the other Lizzy!!!haha!

  3. Very cute. I wish I had of done this sort of thing. I always planned to but never actually made their lists.