Tuesday, March 27, 2012

woodgrain repeat:

Seeing how all everyone seemed to love the woodgrain paper from two post ago. I thought I would wet your appetite some more. I actually bought four of these patterned papers - because I knew I would want to use it as a background again and again ......and again....

Photos are different though. It rained once and Yarrawonga this Summer and having been accustomed to roaming free - the minute he was let loose he sat in a puddle and them rolled in it.. I'm generally a bit anal about dirt - the washing required on a normal day in our family is beyond imagining -  let alone a MUDDY day... Si I tend to instantly  go mental - but how happy was he?

Lucky the weather was still hot and the washing dry up there in a heartbeat...



  1. yep and that fun was such good value really.. look at the wonderful photos you got!

  2. Oh wow - this is delightful!!! Love this to bits!!!!!! :D