Monday, March 12, 2012


I have recently visited Liz Kartchner's site and thought I might join in her 12 on 12 challenge.

3-12 Home1

And seeing as today is a public holiday here..I had the perfect opportunity to catch some cute shots of my kids enjoying all the free kids activities at our local festival..

They made mini garden beds, visited a large petting zoo...Made scarecrows..(Which are all now proudly keeping the birds away from absolutely zilch, in what we around here pretend is a garden bed!) and played with clay to make some creatures they are currently now painting in the backyard..Yikes..

Rylan also got sand thrown in his face by some unknown miscreant toddler and had fun chasing the ducks, swans, chooks..Well just about anything of the feathered variety!

Mama was VERY tired from all this excitment..And from doing it on her own..Dad sleeping off a night shift...It was a VERY long walk from where we had to park our car..It was VERY tricky taking all these great photos from wierd and wonderful angles whilst manhandling my little man in tiny little tents where our pram could not follow...

But it was VERY much alot of fun..And beautiful Autumn weather too..

Early to bed tonight me thinks..

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