Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sweet little Amelia:

My gorgeous friends Lind and Steve produced this adorable little bundle.. Are they clever or what?

Miss Amelia was such a little trooper. She was perfectly behaved..Apart from a few toileting incidents that I don''t need to go into here...Lind and Steve you are doing famously well...You so obviously adore this little person already. It's amazing how after only knowing them for a few days you feel as if you have been with them your whole life. applaud you..You are in it up to your eyeballs and a doing wonderfully. You even fed her standing up so that she would be calm enough to get the amazing shots with Steve and his guitar. I think that might be my favourite one.. I even quite like the speaker and the guitar case shots.. A little funky???

Thanks for letting me snap your beautiful new daughter..It was an honour...

C xx


  1. Wow! More beautiful photos!!! Love the one with the guitar and the one in the guitar case!!

  2. Celeste you have done a wonderful job, these are fabulous! All of 11 days old, I'm so glad we have captured her so little, she has grown already! Thank you so very much x

  3. Oh! Lovely photos Celeste. They REALLY need to get the guitar case one on a huge canvas...

  4. Dear Celeste, thank you for the stunning photos, we couldn't have asked for more from the shoot. I was already the proudest father in the world, but these photos take it to whole new level.

    A special mention to the guitar and guitar case photos, these are the ones I will cherish & keep front of mind for my whole life.

    Cheers & Love