Monday, March 26, 2012

Happiness is:

I am a positive person as a general rule and smile everyday...


You know those mornings you have? You know...Where you have a list of mundane boring tasks you have to do. And I mean have to do:
  • five loads of washing ( if the girls want clean clothes for school ever again!)
  • sweeping (if I ever want to see the floor again...)
  • grocery shopping (if we want ever to eat again...)
  • five little kidlets bags to unpack and fold away. ( if we ever want to holiday again.. Why?)
  • my own bag to unpack ( if I want set a fine example...sigh...Do I really???)
  • Diswasher to unpack ( if I want to see my sink again...)
  • Dry clothes to fold and put away ( If I want to dry previously mentioned holiday washing.. this is critical. Damn.)
  • menu planning for the week.. ( if we intend to actually go grocery shopping!)

And then there's the list of things you might actually like to do:

  • scrapbook an online challenge...( but desk is to messy..)
  • make a cute little canvas for my friends new baby girl.. (again desk way too messy.)
  • cruise around other people's blogs leaving comments and wistfully looking into their orderly appearing lives...(secretly realising they are probably just like me...)
  • get to your fitness class tonight before kids go to bed afer hubby gets home..(yeah right.)
  • Call my girlfriend to chat about upcoming girls night away ..(sans children and hubby ..Is it really still four nights away???????)
So with all this in my head..Swirling..Making me mental.. Running around like a blue arse fly.. Putting washing on..Taking littlies to playgroup. My little core of calm and happy thoughts deserts me and I feel useless. I can't really accomplish anything I actually HAVE to do...Let alone the things I would LIKE to do...

And then I  sit down to eat lunch. The washing is on .. The menu is done.. Making a start..My head still in a whirl..

And then my sweet three yr old sits beside me with an orange crayon and promptly draws an M. A true and honest M for her name. I cry..I cheer and she smiles...Glad to have made me so happy.

Happiness is restored. Nothing else matters really. I decide to blog this instead of folding washing...And I realise happiness can be found in the smallest of things and that I should let THESE moments wash over the rest..Always..

I intend to continue to document these little spurts of happiness and look for them in my everyday..

What is your little bit of happy today?

I didn't have a photo at hand of her M...But this my little happy from last week..Her and her handbag...

Celeste xx


  1. Oh, gosh...I vaguely remember life with Little's sort of faded...but sounds like it all came good in the wash [eek! Awful pun:)] bit of happiness...sorry to say it, but getting VERY messy gesoey, painty, gluey and inky hands today. Now I've gotta go think about happens to us all. Hope you make exercises:):)

  2. Love how you wrote this! Yes I often have days like this and I TRY to remember the important things..... ah back to the housework see ya LOL x

  3. HI.. well I once had 4 children at home at once, but they were a lot older... so I can only imagine what your day is like.. Hang in there.. it is a season of your life.. no doubt a very busy season, and from where you are, it may seem like a looonnnnggg road ahead, but it does go too quickly.. my son will be 27 this year.. (really?? I count the years from when he was born... yep that is right!!) and yet when he was little i thought he would be little forever... now he is a man.. who i don't see much of... I love the way you write.. and remember, your blog is a way of keeping memories, and one day when you have the time.. and can skim back through your blog, you will be reminded of your busy days, but blessed days...and surely an outfit is complete with the perfect hand bag!!!! Love that photo!! take care of yourself!!

  4. Yes yes yes. My days feel the same sometimes and then you just look at what is right in front of you and remember why you do it.
    Hope today is a good day for you and me, well I best get dinner started and organise my list a little too.