Sunday, March 18, 2012

Liz and Dan: cupcakes and cars..

Congratulations Liz and Dan. You had a beautiful wedding and a wonderful sunny day for it too! The botanic gardens was a perfect location to tie the knot. The Willows reception venue looks totally awesome in the photos I think.. I am glad I captured your divine cupcakes and the monaro for Dan..I hope the full shot of the car is is satisfactory!! LOL!

Thanks for letting me capture your special day and trail around after you constantly. I am also glad we agreed to give the thumbs down to Dan's one and only photo location idea too - Sorry Dan the thingmy in the garden just wasn't going to cut it!!!

C xx


  1. Oh you capture the most beautiful moments on your camera.. i am sure they will LOVE these memories.. and your blog header looks wonderful.. i love the photo and the bunting looks so sweet!! I hope your day is going great.. and thanks for coming by my blog.. was really lovely to see you leave a comment!! thanks so much!!

  2. WOW!!! You amaze me!!!! you are one talented woman!!!

  3. I was so wowed by these pics. Love this post so much it was so romantic. Fabulous!