Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tinsel and trees...Still...

I did warn you that my layouts would be on Christmas overload...So navigate away if you just can't bear to look at Christmas festivities so early in the year!

I have actually enjoyed scrapping them to be honest. Normally I find the them tedious. I printed only a select few this year and made them small too - which helps I think?

Purple Pumpkin March sketch challenge:
I flipped the sketch too..Worked better that way with my particular photos...I ove him in the too large Santa hat. I was lucky to get this photo - he kept pulling it off! Hand cut stars.. I keep thinking I would love a star punch - but I do really like the appearance of handmade ones?? Will ponder on that a while longer..

I might add that I never purchased eevn a piece of Christmas themed paper this year. I think the photos say it all - Christmas wise that is.. If I added Santas and stuff my pages just end up feeling overwhelmed? I think that makes sense?? It was also a challenge to not make them overly girly? As the kids are all in the shots..I have added only splashes of pink.

And I am still not done..More to come.. But I have made a really good start..Hehehehe..


  1. Love how you use little bits'n'pieces on your pages....& like the're right, you don't need extra Christmassy stuff...the photos say it all:))

  2. These are beautiful.. and feel very christmassy!!

  3. misting looks great...xmas pics look great

  4. These are all so brilliant!!! I love them to bits!!! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Purple Pumpkin!!! :D