Friday, March 16, 2007


Well it seems motherhood has slapped me in the face for my melancholy mood! Ever since my last post two out of three of my daughters have been puking! Today is the first spew free day. Although Hallie did go to school rather pale... I have been in total 'mother mode', washing, soothing, washing, cajoling, washing some more.. and not getting a whole lot of sleep either!

I have decided to take a different tack with them. If I feel I want to yell, I pause take a breath and don't do it. They have been all calmer - mind you they have been unwell...hmmmmmmm...The lovely ladies at my playgroup tell me they have all taken the same pact and consequently broken it...Well I am going to try. I have Hallie's approval and she too is going to take a breath before letting rip...WE are both going to remind each other of our goal... Rod tell me I am mental - she is 5...She'll forget the pact quicker than me! But, it can't hurt to try. It's better than us yelling our way through their childhood...

So although it probably oly last until I am pre-menstrual....We'll give it a go...


Celeste xx


  1. Can't hurt to try a new tactic Celeste, goodluck with it! Hope everyones feeling better too.

  2. hope all the yucky puke has gone away now
    hope you missed out on it!

  3. Good Luck with the deep breathing! Let me know if it works!