Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm not quite sure what possessed us...BUt we decided to plant our little strip of garden this weekend. With no idea of what we required other than - 'easy maintinence' we set off to the nursery. One hour of procrastinating and whinging children later, we had purchased $100 worth of plants!

One enire afternoon later we had them planted! Who knew a few little plants in a tiny strip of garden could be such hard work! I paused, admiring our efforts and then looked around at our remaining barren landscape that we call home; and slumped onto the concrete in an exhausted heap!!

Ah well, at least the postie will be mildly impressed!

Celeste xx

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  1. Great little garden Celeste, I'm sure your postie will love it!! Love the 3 layouts in you previous post too!