Monday, March 12, 2007

and when the dust settled....

It's funny. LSBS held it's month;y cybercrop this weekend and I was just uploading and complaining thatI didn't get much done...But then I uploaded and realised that I had actually completed three layouts!! Here I was thinkin''d been slack! The crop on Fri night was great! Mum came and we scrapped together which was nice. We both got two layouts finished.. I did the photos of Hallie and Maggie - but not the others I had stated I was going to do - changed my mind. I found some great PP that went with the set of shots of HAllie and Ainsley in the bath. I think it came out great! The other layout is a bit busy for me - but I am so picky. I am just happy that i got it done. I will not change it...I will not....

The red one is my desgn team challenge for the LSBS cybercrop. We had to create a layout using our stass and stamping. It's a wee bit funky for me. But it's growing on me. I was actually happy to use my A Leaves stamps coz I haven't used them that much! I also liked scrapping Gracie girl in action!

So there's my scrapping updated. Not bad considering we put in a little garden bed this weekend too...But more on that in my next post!


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  1. So sorry you missed a cover:( ...I'm sure there will be plenty more! Hey I missed the crop..sob..sob, we so need to have a scrap together