Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Having twins is one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life!
I have just hosted and organised 2 prenatal sessions for parents expecting multiples...It all went very well and although I think we scared them - we started to weave the web of specialness that surrounds parents and families of twins and multiples!

To me having or being twins means -

-You get to share clothes from the earliest age!
-Seeing them turn to the sound of each other when they were weeks old was amazing.
-Sharing starts early...Yeah!
-Comforting each other comes naturally...
-Seperation causes anxiety and even a little fear...
-Matching piggies is the cutest!'
-Playing, playing, playing...
-Never fitting into supermarket register aisles.
-Explaining their birth story all the time!
-You meet great people in the MBA..
-You have two bday cakes!
-They learn from each other..
-Twice the 'I love Yous..'
-Swapping shoes
-Being stopped in the street alot!
-Parents are always tired, but happy!

Some say 'double trouble'.....I say 'twice the love..'


  1. Your girls are gorgeous Celeste..I agree it is one of the most rewarding and tiring part of my life..We say 'Double the Pleasure'..Good on you for being the organiser of the multiply birth week celebrations, I'm sure everyone would have appreciated it.

  2. Such gorgeous photos Celeste!!!

  3. *gorgeous* photos of the girls:)...isn't that funny!?! I always call them the "girls"...never the twins;)