Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sweet 9:

I am sorry for my absence of late. My life feels like a whirl. I am very busy and blogging is unfortunately last on my list of priorities..Sigh.. But we had a lovely break and on the first day back at school my little twins..Well not so little..Turned 9. As it turns out the car had a flat battery. So my plans for a busy cake-making, present shopping and birthday dinner groceries became twice as hard. We caught the bus in to town and hoofed it. Apart from decorating a warm 'Hedwig from Harry Potter' owl mudcake - at the eleventh hour. It was okay..Plus the sweet nine year old pair were so divinely pleased with the cake and lavished delirious amounts of praise on my cake making abilities. Which broughy a smile to my dial:


  1. Simply gorgeous babe, you have such a beautiful family x

  2. Oh Happy birthday gorgeous girls.. the cake does look yummy!!

  3. Happy Birthday to the girls Celeste. They look so gorgeous and your cake is amazing.