Friday, October 5, 2012

this post is late...Late...Late..Late....

But it is the school holidays and we have been away to Yarrawonga...When we go there I tend to 'go off the grid' in terms of technology. I have no idea why? But it suits me..And it pleases me -and my kids too - who get a little more of me!
I would also love to share my many lovely holiday snaps BUT I didn't take very many at all - didn't feel like doing that either? I spent more time DOING stuff with my family. We took long bike rides together. Which was great - but gave me serious BIKE BUTT...(Marita will get a giggle and a kick out of that I'm sure!!)
I ran a couple of times too...A bit of a cheap thrill running from Vic to NSW..Hehehehe....I was just crossing the river...But cool to have the power of the hyrdo electric scheme roaring underneath as you run. I pumped my run across the river that day as I was determined to  'take down' a male runner in front of me! ( Jac and Jodes will get a kick out of that!) I did. I got him at the other side of the bridge and when I wast sitting having a coffee with Rod a little while later..He runs past..Hehehehe..I had my feet up. Was gonna wave..But though better of it...LOL..

Anywho..Weather was beautiful. Girls actually got into the pool fully clothed yesterday. It hit 30 degrees - and I didn't pack their togs! Rod did all kinds of reno's on the van - which was awesome. As we plan more. We need to reconfigure the sleeping arrangements. Little boyo will be out of the portacot soon, ( no more cots yay!) and we need the van to sleep FIVE growing kidlets comfortably and we hope to have some room to get a kitchen seating area back. Something we have been missing with baby stuff encompassing the entire area!

BUT I digress..I am really here to post my layout for the Stuck Oct 1st sketch:

I was working on this layout and for quite a while was considering turfing it..But then I added the letters and handcut arrows and it all sort of came together? The photos are SO her.. Silly, cute exasperating! God I love her....We got home after 11 last night. She ended up in bed with us as she can't go to sleep when there is silence?? WTH? I wasn't staying up watching TV after drining four hours so that she couls drift off!

Thanks for your patience and for always stopping by and leaving me lovely comments..



  1. HI.. Sounds like your holidays are as they should be.. spent with family doing what you love... this layout looks fabulous.. love your style.. love the mists.. and your DD is growing into a beautiful young lady!

  2. Sounds awesome Celeste. Must say no matter how padded the knicks, my butt still feels it from the seat. Go u guys, fantastic to make the most of the weather :)