Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well it finally arrived. After months of planning and some slight nerves this week..Our 20 year high school reunion was a smash! It was wonderful hanging out with our old friends again. We had a blast! Reminiscing about the old days and catching up with  what everyone has been doing..

Realizing too, that we were a bit young and short-sighted about things 20 years ago. It was comforting to chat to people about how we might have done things differently back then, with the wisdom we have gained since.. Friendships might have been different had we been able to be more open about what we were feeling and if were were able to comprehend our own teenage shortcomings??

What I am really trying to say I suppose is...that with the added comfort of some champers and in some cases tequila..You go Nell...We all opened up a bit more..Probably just the booze talking..But I had fun.. I really did...And with a bedtime of 4.15am...and a MAJOR hangover today..Yikes..You could say:

I partied like it was 1992:

 Oh my the hair in 1991.....

Fast forward 20 years:

Out on the town...First of 2 night club stops..WT??
And a few more from the night:

I think..Well last nigh I thought we scrubbed up pretty well for 20 years on..
This morning...oh boy..not so much...


  1. Haha glad you enjoyed it! I loved my 10 year reunion which I didnt think I would!

  2. You look fabulous!! Haven't aged a bit ;-) glad you had a great night with all your school friends xxDani

  3. Wow! Looks like you had a great time!!! I have my 20 year reunion next year! Scary stuff! LOL!