Thursday, October 25, 2012

everyday routines: story time

I created this layout for an everyday routines challenge over at the Studio Calico blog. I had alot of fun with it. A bit of masking and misting..Always a good combo I think.

The mix of colours became a bit bolder than I had originally planned?? The black kinda crept in on me when I found the days of the week on a strip of patterned paper. The red also just appeared?I think it was the 'sit still' sticker? I just had to have it on there. I had to add more to balance it out and that's how the title ended up in red lettering!

I took this photo to remember these little moments that happen inthe evening in our home. I adore that they enjoy reading stories to the littlies..It is definitely one of the bonuses of the large family!

I also took the photo so that in years to come I can let the big girls know how much I appreciated them doing this. It gives us a little respite from the onslaught - yes I said it - onslaught that bed time stories can become after doing it for 11 years!



  1. just popping by to say HI again and love your creations and all those gaw-gees photos!! What Rylan does and his interests are so much like my boys! Scary stuff!!
    Have a great arve! :) XO

  2. This LO is just stunning!! I love all the detail you subtly add to your pages. Just so wonderful to look at..x