Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo smarts: Recreation:


This is my layout for the Oct 15th sketch over at Stuck.... These photos are really precious to me..It was a regular thing - him playing with the potatoes..But it was night time thing. Needless to say - NOT a fabulous time to capture a candid moment I can assure you.

So as well as showing you this layout I wanted to take the time to tell you that you can capture those little things..but you can make sure you get a 'nice' image at the same time.

I often take a photo to document something. But I will take the time to 'pose' the shot too. The photos in the layout are a prime example. He played at night with these toys. So instead I took them in the morning in his PJ's..I just got the toys out then and let him play, so that I could capture this time - with nice light..

Another important memory I wanted to document was his love of banana's.A simple thing really that I could have simply captured whilst he was sitting at the kitchen table, but the light is terrible there, and I didn't want his booster seat in this shot. So, instead I gave his banana and directed him to the playroom. I know this room has the best available natural light in the late afternoon and I also wanted some colour in the background. I positioned him in front of the blue couch so that he would have the light from the window to his left. I made sure the banana was in focus.

Documenting the ordinary doesn't have to be ordinary. A little bit of planning and you can have beautifully posed images, that still carry the message you want:

The girls were playing dress-ups quite happily on their own...I saw them out of the corner of my eye and grabbed the camera. I wanted them to know in the future that the 'bigs' played with the 'little's'..The girls were already in the room with the best light and were already using the mirror. I just asked them to 'fake' the zip-up again as I had already missed the magic moment. And I love this photo so much. 

I treat capturing my kids on camera in a similar way to a photoshoot with clients. If I need the to recreate a look..I will do it...Better than missing it altogether or having the shot but with a distracting background or poor light...I am photographer after all!!


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