Friday, October 12, 2012

Capture more winner:

This a shout out to Terry D. My Studio Calico blog hop winner. I was unable to locate an email address for you and I would love you to be able to still join in the fun. Can you please drop me an email so that I can pass your details along to SC.

I have been reading all the class material so far, and drooling over the fantastic images some of the photographers have been showing. I take photographs for a living ( albeit a small living hehehe) - but I am still learning from this class! Here are my example from the topics so far - and with each I have used sometthing I learnt from 1000 words:Capture More:


I took this photo at the end of our time on the beach last weekend. We were walking back to the car. She was holding my hand and I had the camera in the other. A moment of oppurtunity. Perfect.


My kids aren't really into team sports. So I thought this topic might be a little difficult for me to cover. But upon looking through my camera at the holiday images I had taken - I came across this one. Wasn't a fab photo SOOC. Boring background. I had quickly snapped her 'copying' a push up from my own workout earlier that afternoon. But when I uploaded it. I was able to play with the exposure and levels. In photoshop I changed it to black and white. I think I appears cleaner. She had on a bold yellow shirt and the tennis court grey concrete was really - eh... Cropped her to the right hand side slightly and ran a vignette - voila!


The beach theme worked well for me. We had just stayed at Point Lonsdale. I chose this close up as I like to always capture the details of the day. Not always the faces. This photo is indicative of the sand present on ALL my kids by the time we got back in the car!


You know..This is NOT the perfect photo. I had asked them to behave like TOOLS..So that's fine and I love it. But Hallie and Milla aren't quite in focus. And well..That's ok by me.. The photo tells the tale of them. Bunch of TOOLS..My little TOOLS... If I could just put them in a cute little TOOLBOX...LOL

So Terry...Find my email in the conatct tab at the top of my email...And drop me a line... There are still more topics to cover....

C xx

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