Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another thankful Thurs..

Today I am thankful for their  creativity...I often silently guilt myself that they don't 'do'any specific activity- eg) dancing... But then they do this...My girls spent many an afternoon over the holidays creating their 'toilet paper'people and backgrounds.... It was exciting and fun for them..They didn't leave the house, or fight. They created them (and there are more than are pictured here..And another castle themed background)  and then they were able to spend hours playing happily with them.. Yes..I am thankful - for toilet rolls..

Bye xx


  1. kinda makes you wonder why we spend money on expensive toys when the kids can come up with the most amazing toys themselves!! how cute!!

  2. thats really cute, will have to get my kids to do something like this!!

  3. I've never seen toilet rolls looking so good...creative bunch your kids...not sure where they get that!!