Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kraft It Up August Challenge:

I liked this sketch challenge - and I loved scrapping Jemma..It's not often I get photos of my little 'mem'. ..And she was modelling here too..Sweetheart.. Paint, stamps, homemade tissue paper flowers, paper doilies...All good things..Yay!!

Stuck! August Challenge:

Ooh...Aahhh.. I love a sketch with strippy bits!! I have 'faked'the sewing with pen lines..As I so often do these days.. And I used a fed felt flower that I have put on and taken off at least a dozen layouts over the past year! Yay me! Got my decorative border punches and blew the dust off them for this one too..
I do love this colour combo as well..I added the blue strips and words later..It seemed to need that  extra color boost..
Works well with the little fella and sweet chicky babes...

Oh and it seems that I am 'officially' on the Stuck! creative team! I can't wait to get into some sketches..Back into it....

Night...Our little Milla's 3rd birthday tomorrow..It's a biggy...
Better get my beauty sleep...

By the way - I have been blog hopping around..But at some people's blogs..I  appear to need to log in and then I get a comment from blogger saying I don't have the right sort of blog to leave a comment? It's only on some?? Others I am fine...Rrrrr..

I feel sad not being able to comment on layouts and such that I would like too?? If anyone know why I am having this drama - could they drop me a line..I don't profess to be very technological...Hehehe..


  1. Great layouts and congrats on the ct at stuck :). I have problems with some blogs too, different problem to you by the sounds of it though... It's got me beat lol I have no idea!!

  2. Your layouts are awesome! I LOOOOVE the Get Krafty one! It's amazing! I found that blogger wouldn't let me comment when I signed in and it still does that if I don't make sure that the "stay signed in" box is clear...if it has a check in it, it comes up as annonymous for some reason...hope that helps!

  3. Just beautiful work love your style ...thanks for playing along at KIU

  4. gorgeous layouts as usual.. just love your style.. carefree, creative and the photos always so beautiful.. not sure about leaving comments.. i use a google account which i leave signed in although sometimes i have to sign in again with my not sure about your situation.. i hope you can sort it out.. it is nice to leave some love and people know you have called by.. i know it really keeps me going! xx

  5. I always love your work Celeste... Beautiful colours. Beautiful photos! Always perfect!!!
    I've been silent stalker but I'll try leave comments. - today I'm on my iPad and can leave comments but on my desktop I often have the logging out and wrong account thing happen- I haven't solved it yet!

  6. Love your style... beautiful work! :)

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Fab LO's! Many thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Celeste - congrats on your spot over at Stuck Sketches - love your work and am looking forward to working alongside you - wow - you are a busy mum with five - we have something in common - twins.
    Yep, blogger is a bit frustrating and I'm finding that I have to log in every time I want to comment - just have to make sure that the signed in box is clear - hope that makes sense.

  9. Congrats on your CT spot at Stuck. Love your style :)

    I've had the same problem with blogger, not being able to comment....try unchecking the "keep me signed in" worked for me.

  10. Truly 2 Gorgeous Layouts Celeste....
    A BIG Congrats on your CT spot on Stuck, It was only a matter of time when you create Amazing Layouts!!!
    THANKS HEAPS for playing along @ KIU..... xx

  11. Truly such beautiful layouts Celeste. Your style is to die for....congrats on your Stuck CT spot...woot woot!!! xx

  12. Such beautiful work Celeste.. gorgeous detail and your photos are so lovely!! Thanks for playing along at KIU :))