Sunday, August 21, 2011

She is 3....

Oh my sweet little baby girl.. Some days I can hardly believe it..Others..well she is just so grown up..She wanted a Peppa Pig cake and party..So she got it.. Phew..The cake was a trial..Thanks so much to Cindy for her help with our Swiss Meringue buttercream icing..A real effort..But so VERY yummy.. I wasn't competely thrilled with the finished product..But I asked her today what her favourite part of her birthday was - her cake...Sweet pea...

Happy Birthday baby..


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter :)) looks like a LOVELY time had.
    Enjoy your week x

  2. it all looks so beautiful.. happy birthday sweet girl!

  3. LOVE that cake!! hehe my daughter loves peppa pig :)

  4. Charlotte is still on a sugar high...can't believe M is 3, that means Charlottes birthday is only 4 months away :(