Monday, August 22, 2011

Workshop time:

Yay! At last! This workshop is one of two I am planning this year. The second will depend upon numbers and general success of the first!  It is going to be very casual and hopefully I can explain your cameras settings in an easy and simple way. I plan on including a 'cheat sheet' for you take away and will provide some afternoon tea and good coffee.. I can also provide us with some willing models ( I have plenty to spare...)

The workshops will only cover using your camera. If I have enough general interest in how I edit photos I may also run a workshop on the topic too..But using the manual settings on your camera will produce excellent images anyways. Will see how it all goes.

So if you would like to book you and your camera into an afternoon of fun and hands-on learning..Get in fast..
The workshops will be held in my house and we can take photos out and around my place. I will pass on my details as  you book..
I have had alot of enquiries about running these sessions and now that my littlies are that bit bigger. I feel it's time..Payment is cash only and is required on the day...

Hope you are too..

C xx


  1. I would love to join in Celeste. And funny you should post this as today I was thinking about my camera as we are heading to Qld in November and I sooooo want to know how to use it (I will have had it for a year by then).
    My email is if you needed to send on further details.

  2. Oh not fair! I wish I lived near you! I would love to learn from you celeste you have a real natural flare for bout an online class ;)

  3. Wow! You are one busy lady - hope the camera workshop goes well - & congrat's on being a DT for 'Stuck?!' sketches.... just adore your work, always looks so gorgeous:)

  4. I'm interested Celeste. I'm just going to check my diary and get back to you. Think this is a great workshop. You're holding it at home I'm guessing??

  5. So mad...this is the weekend of my brothers 21st..sorry cant attend.....hope it goes well! xx