Monday, August 8, 2011

39 weeks.....Still blooming.....

But she is a little bit pooped.... A private joke....D will totally get it... I love how these turned out.. I hope you like them too. Looking forward to meeting the new little Mr or Miss... My name selections for you:

Girl:       Claire (simple and elegant)
Boy:       Jasper (different..but if you can get it past hubby..I like it!)



  1. Fab photos. I so wish I had of done a photo shoot for my pregnancy.
    And I had to stop in and comment about your name selection because my cousin Claire just had a baby boy 4 weeks ago and named him Jasper....

  2. I'm so so happy with these pics babe. You are amazing! Thanks for capturing one of THE most special times in our life. As well as the next phase photographing our complete family of 6! XxDani