Sunday, July 31, 2011

Newborn Nate:

Everytime I photograph a newborn I am reminded of why I love doing this.

Don't get me wrong, it's hard work..They have no idea what you require of them. They have this terrible drinking habit, that both helps and hinders the process.... They get tired REALLY quickly and the parents keep the house as hot as HADES..Which makes the photographer -hefting props and bundles of blankets around, sweat like mad bugger!

BUT...I love cuddling them and gently placing them just so..and when they are photographed with Mum and Dad - well it's hard to get a BAD photo..And then when I get home..I am really supposed to print out the proofs for the client to let them choose what to edit..But I can't help myself I end up picking out a bucket load of my fave's, spending time playing with them and then putting them up here...

So without further ado:

J and K... you really do have the most eclectic bunch of cool photo props in your place - I may have to hire out your home and surrounds for other clients!!

And I did learn a few valuable lessons..If you want your babe client  asleep..Get him fed in whatever cloth prop you plan on photographing him in! Sweetheart boy..The only sweet dozing shots we managed was cuddled up on Mum! He woke up everytime we manouvered him into position - and who would blame him..Some of the tight places we were trying squeeze this not so little angel - my gosh - we must have looked quite a sight to the two toddlers and other babe looking on..The three adults squishing and lifting this little body into picnic baskets and what not!

Thanks guys..It was a great session...
..Nate is gorgeous..

C xx


  1. stunning cant wait to have a shoot with you!!!

  2. Awww they are super gorgeous pics! Nearly almost makes me want another...... slap me now please!!

  3. Oh boy, oh boy.....mouth wateringly beautiful... LOVE the 'big feet little feet' one & that one in the stork's cloth {well, that's MY interpretation!!!!!}. Wish I had a newborn for you to photograph & that I still lived in Amphitheatre so I could get you to do it....sigh...oh well.....